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bubbles rising

Nourishing Power on the Move

The Nourishing Power of Nature Is On the Move and the Transcendent Is Bubbling Up We constantly cherish Maharishi’s glorious vision for the Mother Divine Programsm. It is our gr... More

Sharing Today’s Vision for Lasting Achievement

Dear Supporters of the Mother Divine ProgramSM—Past, Present, and Future, Your inspiration and action to support us deeply moves the ocean of bliss in our hearts every day. Moth... More

Testimonials by Course Participants

A World Peace Assembly Course Participant writes: There is a place between here and there that will help you get there from here. No passports, shots, or visas are required. Only ... More

Ways To Donate To The Mother Divine Program℠

If you would like to help The Mother Divine Program • give support to every country everywhere, including your own dear country, • bless all mankind with the support o... More


The words of this song were taken from a talk given by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and refer to the Introductory Sanskrit Verse for several Upanishad of Yajur-Veda. This song was written... More

Balance in Life

Balance in Life

In our last post, ‘Finding Balance‘, we began to explore the definition of consciousness as the unity, or co-existence, of two qualities of intelligence that are contr... More

Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Consciousness and Contradiction.   I was talking to Chrissie the other day. We’ve known one another for almost forty years (!) We give and receive advice from one another b... More

Quote from the Vedic Literature: Dure Drisham

Quote from the Vedic Literature: Dure Drisham

“Far in the distance the owner of the house, the Self is seen reverberating.”   Unity Consciousness: The song video below describes the awakening of Unity Consciou... More

Winter Poems