For single women practicing the TM-Sidhi Program – An in-depth experience of the blissful life of Mother Divine. Single lady Sidhas and Governors are invited to plan now for this life-transforming course.

The New Mother Divine Program is a minimum of 6 months for single ladies practicing the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi® program. You can begin by joining our one-month courses in Maharishi Vedic City starting on the 1st of every month and take a month at a time or choose to continue. Please ask for details.

We are happy to inform you of a new opportunity for ladies participating in the six-month New Mother Divine℠ program in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, USA. International Courses are available at New Zealand and Thailand.

We have structured a program in which after the first month of New Mother Divine, it is possible to utilize two hours in the afternoon, five days a week, for self-study, taking an online course from Maharishi University of Management or another university or doing an online English as a Second Language course.

This new option will be a wonderful opportunity for any single-lady Sidha or Governor to continue the area of study she is most interested in, while enjoying the divine fullness of the New Mother Divine program. Of course, for those not interested in this independent study option, a beautiful program will be provided.

Enjoy floating in the bliss of your Self through long program, in an ideal supportive environment conducive to self-development.

See what women have to say about their time on the Mother Divine program in the videos below.

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What inspired you to join?

What inspires women to join The Mother Divine Program? Several members of The Mother Divine Program give their perspectives.

What Have You Gained, Part 1

Mother Divine Program alumnae talk about the benefits they received from their time on the program.

How is it different?

How is the Mother Divine Program different from other courses?

Would You Recommend this for Students?

Women discuss who can benefit from investing some time on The Mother Divine Program.